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			About OpenMD.life
			Mission Driven Creators

			OpenMD.life is a machine teaching
			health system.

			We're building foundational medical
			infrastructure for the first free global
			Learning Health System.

			Our Mission
			It's All About Service

			The OpenMD.life mission is to
			provide cloud medical enterprise
			infrastructure to users at no cost.

			Expanding access and improving
			healthcare is how we measure

			Medical education and literature,
			patient appointment scheduling,
			electronic health records, billing,
			payment processing and many
			professional services require
			reliable computer systems.

			We build these systems to serve
			medical professionals, teachers,
			students and the public for free.

			Distributed Architecture
			Decentralized Development and Operations

			The OpenMD.life platform
			is a distributed architecture
			allowing new applications to
			be created and deployed as
			a suite of cloud desktop

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OpenMD.life Domains ____________________ Homescreen.life KeyCommands.life Controller.life Toolbar.life Utilities.life AutoML.life TeachML.life Securities.life Cloudfund.life Supercomputing.life
As new products and services launch they become a part of the OpenMD.life ecosystem. New applications are deployed as independent web domains, encapsulating new code in an organized, secure architecture. Consistent design allows users to navigate seamlessly through over 35 million content pages, about 5 times as many as the English-language Wikipedia ⇗ Core projects like Utilities.life, AutoML.life and TeachML.life are developed directly on the Supercomputing.life system that supports OpenMD.life Platform design anticipates an evolving future of health applications and interaction.
"Integrated care is a global trend in international healthcare reform, particularly for piloting vertical integration involving hospitals and primary healthcare institutions..." International Journal of Health Policy and Management
The Future of Medicine We Create the Future Together Healthcare has traditionally been a reactive profession. Patients reach out when they need attention and physicians provide the best possible care. Learning Health Systems with new abilities are now coming into existence. These health systems are full of potential, helping people to anticipate, sense and respond to events on personal, local, national and global scales. There are also concerns. Even before the pandemic, expected lifespan in the U.S. decreased for the first time in over a century, the only time it has fallen not due to a world or civil war. Security and privacy failures demonstrate the need for appropriate protections. Rising healthcare costs and access to affordable care are already among the greatest causes of stress. Total healthcare spending is projected to be 20% of the entire U.S. economy within a decade.
"The importance of an appropriate and resilient health system fit for the country is emerging as a priority for building preparedness." International Journal of Health Policy and Management
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